A wide range of indicators to all weighing activities. Designed for use in any situation they may be placed on a tabletop , wall mounted or mounted on column.
  • indicateur de pesage encastrable

    IDLC2 integrated weighing indicator

    IDLC2 integrated weighing indicator The IDLC 2 indicator is the most price effective weighing system connecting digital or analogue load cells to PC. The indicator is compatible with the ARPEGE MASTER K digital load cells as well as with standard analogue ones using the CANDY transmitter. Excelent speed and stability of the measurement. CE approved […]
  • indicateur de pesage multi pont-bascule a ecran tactile

    Touch screen mutli-weighbridges weighing indicator

    IDTB touch screen weighing indicator with 4 analog/digital measures.
  • Industrial, weighing, indicator

    Industrial weighing indicator

    IDe 150/250 integrated weighing indicator for industry Various weighing business software available : industrial weighing (PLC connection, printer…),  continuous adding machine (weighing on tape, on conveyor, integral scale),  single-product quantitative analysis,  mutli-product quantitative analysis,   
  • Multifunctio, weighing, indicator

    Multifunction weighing indicator

    Multifunction weighing indicator with alphanumeric keyboard. Complete loom software Library for weighing: weighbridge axle scale, continuous adding (weighing on tape, on conveyor, integral scale),  discontinuous adding (circuit scale),  batch weighing, 
  • Logic 100 – 200

    Logic 100 – 200 The LOGIC 100/200 indicator is designed for applications using scales, platforms and weighing hoppers. It meets industrial weighing requirements: ticket printing, computer link, PLC link via input board On/Off output and analogue output/DSD (Data Save Device integrated). Operator interface: Red LED 6-digit display, height 20 mm Two keypad configurations: LOGIC 100 […]